Dr. Virginia Githiri

Meet our Founder, Dr. Virginia Githiri, affectionately known as Dr. G. In 2007, her love for popcorn sparked an idea. She attended a Super Bowl party, bringing her homemade, gourmet popcorn, and it was an instant hit! The inquiries about her unique flavors inspired her to start PopKorn Kernels With A Twist that same year. Though she briefly closed the business after two years, her passion endured.

In October 2016, the PopKorn story resumed! Today, PopKorn Kernels With A Twist is an epicurean voyage into the extraordinary realm of gourmet popcorn. From Simply Salted with pink Himalayan Sea salt to the decadent Karamel Praline Salted White Chocolate, each kernel tells a tale of exceptional quality and unrivaled taste.

Our freshly popped butter popcorn and aromatic caramel cooking have become a delightful attraction for passersby, luring them into our shop daily. And for our loyal patrons, we can't thank them enough for returning weekly, demonstrating their unwavering love for our delicious popcorn.

PopKorn is sold by four additional retail establishments in Bloomington, kept in break rooms in local businesses, given as a treat for guests at various local bed and breakfast locations, and is the preferred snack for prestigious events at Indiana University, including department gatherings, auditorium events, and even the Football Suites.

We take pride in creating unforgettable experiences for your events, too. We're the top choice when it comes to catering special occasions. We are delighted to create colors to match your event's theme and encourage you to use your company or event label, making it a genuinely personalized treat for your guests. And for corporate gift-giving, we've covered you with products that leave a lasting impression on your favorite clients.
Dr. G.'s love for flavor and quality extends to vibrant, hand-spun cotton candy. Made with in-house flavored sugars, this whimsical treat captures their commitment to unparalleled flavor and freshness.

Visit the PopKorn Shop in Downtown Bloomington, Indiana - we can't wait to meet you! You can explore our website and order for yourself and your friends. And let us know how we can customize PopKorn for your special events.

Treat yourself, surprise your loved ones, or elevate your events with PopKorn Kernels With A Twist!

Visit the PopKorn Crew at 122 S College Ave (Bloomington, IN). If you can't make it to our store, order online! We are happy to ship our delicious treats directly to you. Order online at - - anytime, day or night! 

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