Dr. Virginia Githiri

Our founder, Dr. Virginia  Githiri (aka, Dr. G.), LOVES popcorn. She wanted to share her love of popcorn with everyone she knew. In 2007, she attended a Superbowl party and decided to bring homemade gourmet popcorn for the party-goers to enjoy. She received many inquiries about the flavors she had created. Her entrepreneurial passion prompted her to create PopKorn Kernels With A Twist, that same year. She decided to close after a year until she was confident that she had the resources to maintain a successful food business.

Nearly a decade later, in October 2016, the PopKorn story resumed!

PopKorn Kernels With A Twist isn't just your typical popcorn shop; it's an epicurean voyage into the extraordinary realm of gourmet popcorn. It is hard to enjoy Bloomington, Indiana, without tasting PopKorn! Since opening, we've been popping into our customers' hearts and taste buds with a bounty of unique, masterfully crafted flavors, freshly made daily.

Our popcorn has a language. Each kernel tells a tale of exceptional quality and unrivaled taste. From our Simply Salted popcorn, made irresistible by a light dusting of authentic pink Himalayan sea salt, to our decadent Karamel Praline Salted White Chocolate, each mouthful is an adventure, offering a cascade of flavors to savor and enjoy.

PopKorn Kernels With A Twist doesn't stop at popcorn, though. Instead, we've spun our love for flavor and quality into our vibrant, hand-spun cotton candy. Crafted with utmost care and swirled with passion, we make this whimsical treat with our hand-flavored sugars, a testament to our commitment to unparalleled flavor and freshness.

We believe in the magic of simple ingredients transformed through creative innovation, producing extraordinary popcorn and cotton candy experiences. From simple delights to exquisite indulgences, PopKorn Kernels With A Twist takes snacking to a new level. Dive into a cornucopia of flavors with us, and discover the playful, captivating world of gourmet popcorn!

Visit the PopKorn Crew at 122 S College Ave (Bloomington, IN). If you can't make it to our store, order online! We are happy to ship our delicious treats directly to you. Order online at - - anytime, day or night! 

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