The PopKorn Story

Our founder, Dr. G., LOVES popcorn - plain, buttered, caramel, cheese - she simply loves popcorn. She wanted to share her love of popcorn with everyone she knew. So, in October 2016, she founded PopKorn Kernels with a Twist. Originally, fans of PopKorn were able to order the treat online and could have it shipped to themselves or others. By mid January (2017) PopKorn had gained a bit of a following and Bloomington (Indiana) residents were becoming eager to get their hands on this delectable treat without having to wait for it to be shipped to them. The next month, shelf space was opened at three different local stores (7 total locations) and this provided even greater opportunity for PopKorn fans to purchase this gourmet popcorn without having to have it shipped. Even so, PopKorn fans indicated interest in the ability to purchase all of the flavors and all of the sizes similar to what is available online. Therefore, in order to provide local customers and visitors with access to the full range of PopKorn flavors and sizes, Dr. G. opened the PopKorn store, 221 E Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Indiana, in March of 2017. In February 2018, the PopKorn store relocated to the Bloomington College Mall. 

PopKorn fans come into the store and enjoy a full menu of flavors - from Karamel to The New Dill. The in-store sizes range from snack size to shareable and there are always samples available! 

We would love for you to visit us. However, if you are unable to get here, no worries - we are delighted to ship our delicious PopKorn directly to you.

Our staff looks forward to making smiles for years to come!

Cheers to you for a poppin' day!