A winning combination - rich & cheezy, sweet Karamel goodness.

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Crystal Smith on Sep 11th 2019

I cannot say enough positive things about this popcorn - but it is exceptionally delicious!

This is for real :)

#popcornisitsownfoodgroup on Jan 3rd 2018

Everyone loves to say "it's just like Garrett's" - and it never is. This Midwest Delight is SO, SO good! Please don't ever change your cheese recipe - it's delicious to start and only gets better as it ages (and it is in a category all its own). The caramel corn is so very good as well. The mix is perfect! We ordered ours with pecans, and while it was good, the extra $20 might not have been worth the price - and it's so good, it really doesn't need anything more. Who needs to live in Chicago??!!

The BOMB.com

CAPT Garner on Nov 18th 2017

The Midwest Mix is incredible. The savory flavor of the cheese and the buttery sweetness of the caramel mixed together makes my mouth and taste buds tremendously happy! Chicago what....Garrett's...who????