Salted cashew and dried cranberries are combined to create this wonderful flavor. Cranberry Cashew Joy PopKorn has the perfect amount of sweet and salted with just enough white chocolate for sophistication.  

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Cranberry Cashew Joy Popcorn Review

Antonio R Walker on Jul 1st 2020

This is the opposite twin to Dark Harvest but the effect of enjoyment is still the same. White chocolate covered popcorn with cashews, and cranberries. It starts you off on a mountain, but your taste buds end in the valley with a waterfall and a cool breeze.

Interesting combination:)

Tracy Sinclair on Apr 16th 2020

As I was browsing all the different flavors of popkorn I came across this one...Cranberry Cashew Joy and I thought well I LOVE cranberries and cashew's so lets add the joy:) I am not sure if one bag will do! I have to limit myself to how many handfuls I can have when I open up the bag...lol the only thing I wish is if I could request extra cranberries and extra cashews...can we do that Dr. G?